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From sun up to sun down, stress is present in all of our lives.  Some people utilize healthy coping skills and are able to manage stress most days.  On the other hand, others may find it difficult to function on day-to-day tasks and find themselves stuck and unsure what to do.  So what is stress? […]

Summer and Sleepovers and Sugar Highs…..OH MY! Who is ready for summer? The thought of summer sounds amazing, right? Long days filled with video games, having sleep-overs, hanging out with friends, little or no schedule, and eating whatever we want when we want…..sounds like the perfect way to spend the day! For parents, this means […]

Finding the right place to be seen and trying to determine the right counselor can be overwhelming and sometimes cause additional stress for families. Perdido Counseling is the first counseling practice established especially for children and their families in the Perdido, West Pensacola, and Orange Beach areas. There are several benefits to being seen in […]